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Make Your Own Daal Tadka

Daal, is a generic name, for the Indian legume. There is a family of various Indian legumes and each with a specific name, many yet unknown to the western world. Daal, a staple to Indians of all caste and class, everyday meal, for the richest to the poorest, and is also widely popular to the world outside India. Like beans, Daal takes a while to cook. Best way to speed cooking is after washing the Daal thoroughly, give a boil and let it soak for 2-6 hours in warm water, resume boiling again for the second time when ready to cook. Tadka, a unique style of Indian dish garnish, a finishing touch adds amazing simplicity to the dish and raises the dish to an unparalleled taste and authenticity to Indian flavor.

Class location: This class will take place at Eat Me Ice Cream in the Hungerford Building, 1115 East Main St, Rochester NY 14609. Please enter through Door 1.