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Live Music with David Tamarin, Flamenco & Classical Guitarist

For more than forty years David Tamarin has been exploring the world of flamenco, dedicating himself especially to mastering the guitar styles and forms of 'flamenco puro'---the pure traditional flamenco of Andalucía. Over many decades, with extensive residences in Spain, Tamarin has modeled his interpretation of flamenco on the playing of 'old masters' such as Sabicas, Ramón Montoya, Diego del Gastor and Perico el de Lunar as well as more "contemporary traditionalists" like Juan and Pepe Habichuela, Pedro Bacán, Moraito Chico and Juan Peña. In addition to the more than fifteen traditional flamenco 'palos' (or song forms) that he plays, Tamarin also incorporates classical and Latin American guitar music into his repertoire. (He also has been known to occasionally play bluegrass, blues and 'old timey' guitar as well.) A retired professor of Latin American and Spanish history, Tamarin is dedicating much of his 'liberated' time to playing and teaching flamenco guitar.