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Koresh Dance Company

Philadelphia's Koresh Dance Company, founded in 1991 by artistic director Ronen Koresh, is a vital force in the dance world, touring across the nation to perform Koresh's explosive choreography while promoting dance throughout communities.

Known for their exciting and emotional blend of ballet, modern and jazz, their program includes Koresh’s latest work Inner Sun, in collaboration with composer John Levis and poet Karl Mullen. Inspired by the parallel between the earth's core and that of the human body and spirit —this work celebrates the human spirit’s ability to create the warmth and power that drives our journeys. Inner Sun illuminates the stage with joy as the dancers move from sweeping circles to strong stage formations using body percussion, gestures, and rhythms drawn from Koresh’s Israeli folk roots and the human experience.

“all the finesse and grace of a ballet with the athleticism of an Olympic sport”
– Philadelphia Magazine 

“When all … of them move together as a unit, they become a single entity, a piece of life moving as if with one heartbeat.” – San Antonio Express