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Knife Skills

Have you ever wondered if one of your barriers to cooking more is really a result of not yet mastering the tools you use everyday? Most people could be more efficient and effective in the kitchen if they understood how to properly use their knife (and had a proper knife to use!). Come learn the basics and also advanced cuts & techniques that will get dinner on the table faster, minimize waste and just make you feel more CONFIDENT in your own kitchen. Those butternut squash and whole pineapples will be child's play after this class!

This class will cover:
-Choosing the Best Knife for You
-Prepping Your Cutting Board
-Proper Grip & Knife Safety
-Low Cut
-High Cut
-Plateau, Julienne & Dice
-Horizontal & Pull Cuts
-Knife Care

Please note: Students should bring with them their best knife (wrapped for safe transporting to and from class) for hands-on instruction and a container to take your chopped veggies home with you.