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Hogwarts Express: Harry Potter’s First 4 Years

Member Price: $162 / General: $180
Deadline to Register: July 13, 11:59 PM


“Come immerse yourself in the world of Harry Potter! This brand-new workshop is for young wizards and witches who haven’t yet read the full series. With dramatic read-alouds, creative projects, and visits from special professors, students will have a chance to dig into the first four books of the series in a supportive environment. Using the Floo Network we’ll Zoom together to study the history of magic and Hogwarts; learn about other wizarding schools; study magical creatures; experiment with charms and transfiguration; and so much more. Seasoned Hogwarts faculty member “Professor Dalton” will lead your lessons, along with guest professors who are experts in various magic disciplines.

NOTE: This camp may NOT be taken in conjunction with Hogwarts Academy, It is only for young witches and wizards who have not read the full series. Absolutely no spoilers beyond book 4 will be allowed.”

Scholarships Available