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Hand Papermaking Workshop

Create hand-made paper from pulp consisting of recycled paper and dried plant materials. Using a mould and deckle, you will “pull” and “couch” (pronounce kooch) and probably even “kiss off” some paper pulp in the process. All equipment and supplies provided. Wet and a bit messy but lots of fun. You will bring the paper you make home with you at the end of the class.

About the teacher:
Joan Beinetti is an almost-out-of-students-to-teach home school mom who loves to make paper. She began hand papermaking a long time ago and has been teaching papermaking workshops to small groups in her kitchen off and on for many years. She has been known to have a large pot of something on the kitchen stove which looks amazingly like oatmeal but isn’t, and also now and then a blender full of some colorful and yummy looking paper pulp which is definitely not a smoothie. She also enjoys making baskets, reading, cooking, meeting new people and many other things.