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Fantasy and Reality

Our current exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery is Fantasy & Reality by Jim Patton and David Perlman. David brings us views of his creative fantasies and Jim shows his photojournalist captures of the reality of life in the Mississippi Delta, home of blues music and many wonderful people living in poverty.

Joining Jim and David, we have d. dargan teska and Mike Shoemaker in the Neuberger Gallery, Lisa Cook in the second of three shows as our current Visiting Artist; Guest Photographers, David and Irene Burnet, Marisa Nicodemus, and Monroe Payne; and award-winning photographs from Camera Rochester competitions by Stephen Kalbach, Sheila Nelson, Alex Pendleton and Ron Weetman.  

The show will also include the work of Artists-in-Residence, Gary Thompson, and Phyllis Thompson, and Gallery Partners Dick Bennett, Carl Crumley, Steve Levinson, Gil Maker, Don Menges, 

We are open Tues. - Sat; 12-6pm; Sun. 12-4