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Fantastic Beasts 101

Member Price: $135 / General:$148
Deadline to Register: August 3, 11:59 PM


Ever caught a Bowtruckle poking around your backyard? Marveled at a Merperson in Lake Ontario? Discovered a Doxy in your desk drawer? Yes or no, it’s high time you brushed up on your magizoology notes so you’re prepared when the time comes. Welcome to Fantastic Beasts 101. In this camp, we’ll discuss the fantastic beasts from JK Rowling’s magical world. We’ll explore our surroundings looking for creature clues, learn about real-life fantastic beasts, and even create our own. And, oh, there will be dragons, a whole afternoon on dragons because THAT is something you’ll need to be prepared for. Bring your own books on magical creatures and a sense of adventure.

Scholarships Available