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Elizabeth Tighe

Singer-songwriter based in both Arizona and New York, Elizabeth has been a feature of numerous Arizona music festivals and at local venues as well as locations around the Southwest, and has been showcased on radio stations in and outside of Arizona. Her "compelling sound" is one that blends rock, blues, and bluegrass to create a style that is completely unique to her. Elizabeth’s voice, instrumental diversity and songwriting talent stand out to those attending her performances.  A wide swath of audience members have been touched by her lyrics, even to tears, and also love her more energetic, upbeat tracks.  Her enthusiasts range from classic folk and rock music fans to the next generation of consumers, due to the relatability, warmth and beauty of her style.

She plays more than seven instruments including piano, guitar and violin and released her first original music compilation in February 2016, which was called by Jonathan Frahm of For Folk's Sake a "record dripping in Arizonan sentiment, let alone a compelling sound that blends much of what the desert state has become musically known for in blurring the lines between folk, rock, bluegrass, and blues to develop something utterly individualistic --- and so captivatingly so."

Her second release, an EP entitled "Queen of Hearts" came out in May of this 2017. Tuscound called it an album that "entwines itself with workings of blues and rock’n’roll," saying "Tighe is exhibiting her growth as an artist tenfold as she expands beyond the sound she had established in her first release to become something more."