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DIY Winter Wreaths with Flowerwell

Bring some friends for a fun evening filled with the smell of fresh pine and get in the holiday spirit! We will be making fresh holiday wreaths with all local ingredients including local pine, cedar, grapevine miniature crab apples, pine cones and rose hips. The ingredients will be so fresh that your wreath should last through the holiday. There will be a variety of the prettiest ribbons to choose from and you'll walk away with a great piece of holiday decor.

Please note: Wreath making can be a sticky and sometimes messy ordeal! We HIGHLY recommend bringing leather work gloves (found at Lowes or Home Depot) as they will prevent the pine from scratching your skin and they will soak up the sap. We also recommend either bringing something to protect your clothing from the sap or wearing not your favorite top. Lastly wear long sleeves and be ready to have a fabulous time.