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DIY Crochet Rag Rug

Learn to crochet a simple, functional rug using nothing but recycled materials! You will be given a large crochet hook, and the skills to transform a wide variety of fabrics into usable yarn. Students are encouraged to bring in materials from around their homes to incorporate into the project. This is an excellent way to give new life to those currently unwearable t-shirts, and bed sheets!

About the teacher:
Kayla Carpitella has been obsessed with knitting since she first learned the craft over 15 years ago. She runs her business, Homeschool Studios, out of the Hungerford Building with a focus on functional, sustainable, and eco conscious products. Her strange and exciting freelance career includes knitting jobs for the Brooklyn knitwear designer DEGEN, Adult Swim, and Heluva Good Cheese. She loves sharing her knitting knowledge and making stuff!