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Comedy Improvisation: What's In A Scene?

Picture a busy bakery: there are glass cases filled with cupcakes, cookies, and pies. You hear the ding of the cash register and the ring of the phone. You smell freshly baked bread and see steam rising from muffins just out of the oven. All of these sights, sounds, and smells make up the scene of the bakery, and you can create this environment – without any props – on a blank stage. This class focuses on environment and object work: establishing the tangible “things” in your scenes and how you interact with them. Whether you are a veteran improviser or you want to try improv for the first time, this class is for you. Through warm-up exercises, theater games, and performance pieces, you will work with your improv partners to establish places filled with objects that inform your characters and the scenes themselves. You will get out of your head, trust your instincts, and explore your comedic voice. Not only is improv fun, but it is also a tool for life: it can make you a better listener, public speaker, and creative thinker.

Please note: This class is open to all levels of experience. Ages 18+.