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Comedy Improv

Member Price: $125 / General:$138
Deadline to Register: July 27, 11:59 PM


Have you ever seen a comedy improv show, or the television show Whose Line Is It Anyway? and thought, “That looks like fun!” It is fun, and here is your chance to see for yourself! Comedy improvisation is the art of acting without a script. You will try many theatre games, some with the use of audience suggestions, with results that are always entertaining and often hilarious. Students will learn the craft of comedy improvisation through playing warm-up and group-building games, skill-building theatre games, and finally more advanced improv games. Students will hone communication skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and boost confidence in public speaking, all while having fun in a supportive atmosphere designed for experienced and inexperienced improvisers. We will learn to trust and support our fellow players and learn to ask the audience for suggestions on how to create scenes. There will be a performance for friends and families on Friday.

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