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Classic Albums Live performs The Beatles: Abbey Road

Classic Albums Live takes classic albums and performs them live, on stage - note for note, cut for cut - using the world's greatest musicians.

“What an album! I spent years of my life just staring at the cover. I thought i knew the album, then we started rehearsing it. And it’s tough; I mean really tough. The sound, the tone, the arrangements. There’s no way to phone this album in. You have to love this album to perform this album properly. We do. We’ve all read so much into the way The Beatles ended, but this album is the testament. It shows how giving and caring they were with each other. The four of them deeply involved with each other’s songs. That’s beautiful; that’s the power of music. Abbey Road was released in October 1969 as a generation said goodbye to 10 years of heavy change. This album led us all across a new road and into another decade. ‘Come together’ unites us. We raised children alongside ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ Our parents didn’t mind ‘Something’ and, always true to message, Paul’s sendoff was full of beauty - “the love you make...” And wasn’t that just like The Beatles? To conclude with messages of love and sunshine? We know how to play this album. We care about this album.” – Craig Martin, Founder and CEO, Classic Albums Live.

Tickets available online at Ticketmaster.com and in person at the Kodak Center Box Office located at 200 W. Ridge Rd. (M-F, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.).

There may be a $5-10 charge for parking.