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Casey Costello and Mitzie Collins: Evening of Irish Songs

The one word that sums up Casey Jones Costello is authentic.  If you could shuttle a brilliant singer through time from 1931 to today he would sound like Casey Jones Costello. From a young age Casey developed an affinity for music from the early-to-mid 20th Century; while other kids spent hours playing video games, Casey amassed a collection of Edison cylinders and 78s, reams of turn of the century and mid-century sheet music and a collection of videos featuring Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Nelson Eddy, and Jeanette MacDonald, among many others.  While his contemporaries may imitate the imitators, Casey's voice is genuine, of another  time because it knows no other time.  Possessing a crystal clear baritone/tenor voice, powerful and tender, with a lilting nod to Bing, each performance is a mini-history lesson, making his show captivating both for vocal excellence and his vast knowledge of the material and the stories of the people who created and popularized it — a veritable musical history tour.

For her contributions Rochester's musical life, Mitzie Collins earned the 2007 Artist Award from the Arts and Cultural Council of Greater Rochester, and she was honored as 2014 Musician of the Year by the Rochester Alumnae of the Mu Phi Epsilon Music Fraternity. Hammered dulcimer expert, shape-note singer, organist, and recording artist; for decades Mitzie has performed, taught, and delighted audiences in a wide range of musical styles.