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Beer Mile Rochester

Are you ready?
Come to Capelli Stadium on May 12th to compete in the official Beer Mile of Rochester.

What is a "Beer Mile"?
If you're unfamiliar with a traditional Beer Mile, the event has historical roots in the running community. The Beer Mile was usually only held underground but was held as a professional event for the first time in 2014, finally legitimizing a long-standing but previously unofficial race.

The rules are as follows: Drink 1 beer, run 1/4 mile. Repeat 4x.

Compete Solo, in a 2 person relay, or in a 4 person relay.
You can choose to run both relays if you like.
You can also choose to run the solo and the 4x4.
You may NOT run the Solo and the 2x2 as there will not be enough recovery time in between.

There will also be a party area where individuals can relax, drink, and hang out even if they are not competing.

We will be charging a $5 entry fee for spectators. All entry money will be donated.

There will be prizes for each category:
Fastest men's solo
Fastest women's solo
Fastest 2-person relay
Fastest 4-person relay
Additionally, we will have fun prize categories...

On Race Day you can choose to run in the name of 1 of 4 local charities:
Girls on the Run
19th Ward Community Association
Sojourner House

We'll be donating proceeds to all four charities. 50% of proceeds will go towards the 1st place team, 25% towards 2nd place team, 15% towards 3rd place team and 10% towards 4th place team.

We can't wait to see all of Rochester's Runners come out and participate in this historic and fun event.