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Be Here Now: An Introduction to Mindfullness and Meditation

Feeling as though you are going through life on autopilot? Continuing to habitually respond to life in a manner that is not serving you? Come educate yourself on ways to slow down the brain and the body so that you can fully experience the life you are meant to live. Learn how to drop into the present moment and go beyond the thinking mind. Experience your breath, your body, and your interactions exactly as they are. Mindfulness and meditation provide the applicable coping skills to improve your ability to handle the stress in your life. This practice allows for an awareness around thoughts that can then be shifted to support your relationships, your career, and your interests. Come learn how to change your experience by changing your focus.

Please note: The ticket price includes one glass of wine for those 21+, or a non-alcoholic beverage for those under 21. Drinks and mingling will take place from 6:00pm-6:30pm and the class itself will run from 6:30pm-7:30pm.