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Astronomy with Stellarium

An online astronomy course for young learners, 11-14 years old, to explore our universe.

Begins October 15

Stimulate your child's curious, bright mind with our online astronomy course, led by Strasenburgh Planetarium Director, Steve Fentress. Students will discover the workings of the universe by exploring the foundations of astronomy and the many phenomena occurring outside Earth’s atmosphere.

During each 90-minute session, students will dive into a new astronomy topic and apply their learning to in-session projects and discussion. Additional assignments will be given to complete outside of class using a free astronomy software (discussed in class) or through observation of the real sky outside. Each class will include a lecture, participatory discussions, and in-session projects.

By the end of the course, students will have an introductory knowledge of astronomy that will serve as a foundation for future science courses, or simply as extracurricular enjoyment.