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Alumni Actor, Artist, & Author Series: Love, Care and Share

Join us for an evening of revelation, compelling anecdotes, and insight into the building of the book & the making of a movie. Love Care and Share is captivating storytelling with a deep love and respect for life. The author shares with us the tales of an amazing woman, as well as revealing his personal vulnerabilities and spiritual growth.

Tom Herstad ’17, author of Love, Care, Share (soon to be a major motion picture) has always been a forward thinking, positive person, always up for any challenge life may throw at him. Attending RIT during the ‘80s, Tom left the university just shy of graduation, reconnecting and completing his degree in 2017.

For years Tom built a successful LED Lighting business, shedding physical light on people’s lives. Tom has also encouraged family and friends to empower themselves - all the while continuing his mother’s legacy: to help others to achieve their own full potential. Taking a sabbatical from his busy schedule, he set out to share an incredible woman’s story, her message, and what he learned – by writing. Through his book, Love, Care, Share, Tom’s achievements in where light meets life are complemented with spiritual development.