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Visit Rochester Staff

Sonia Asencio

Tourism Sales Program Coordinator

Direct Line: 585-279-8309

Carol Bartlett

Senior Sales Manager

Direct Line: 585-279-8343

Victoria Farrell

Event Services Coordinator

Direct Line: 585-279-8327

Wendy Ford

Convention Sales Manager

Direct Line: 585-279-8362

Dan Graves

Distribution Specialist

Direct Line: 585-279-8324

Meredith Howie

Sales Coordinator/Exec. Assistant to CEO

Direct Line: 585-279-8338

Tim James

Senior Sales Manager

Direct Line: 585-279-8342

Don Jeffries

President and CEO

Rachel Laber Pulvino

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Direct Line: 585-279-8325

Greg LaDuca

Senior Director, Membership & Visitor Services

Direct Line: 585-279-8303

Calin Lawrence

Director of Online Presence

Direct Line: 585-279-8326

Greg Marshall

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Direct Line: 585-279-8318

Elena Oyer

Sales Manager

Direct Line: 585-279-8313

Amanda Pfeil

Convention Services Manager

Direct Line: 585-279-8317

Diana Rapp

Manager of Market Programs

Direct Line: 585-279-8314

Suzanne Strassell

Finance and Visitor Services Coordinator

Direct Line: 585-279-8323

Deidre Wetelainen

VP of Sales & Convention Services

Direct Line: 585-279-8315

Barbara Wigderson

Chief Financial Officer

Direct Line: 585-279-8320

Monroe County Sports

Libby Craig

Sports Sales

Rich Mackey

Sports Sales

Direct Line: 585-262-3832

Dave Samentello

Sports Sales

Direct Line: 585-262-3832

Rochester/Finger Lakes Film and Video Office

Nora Brown

Film Office Director

Direct Line: 585-279-8322

Karl Goldsmith

Film Office Assitant

Direct Line: 585-279-8308